Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weight Loss Update - 90 pounds!

My plan is to write here at least 3-4 times a week, giving information about my experiences with the lap-band, weight loss issues, and my weight loss progress. Sometimes I will tell some stories from the past 11 months. I am only starting this blog 11 months after I got the lap-band, so a lot of it has to come from my memories. So you will hear both current day-to-day events, as well as my overall feelings and experiences from the very beginning.

I have a total weight loss today of 138 pounds since I started trying to lose weight 2 years ago in August 2006. I have lost 90 pounds exactly since I got the lap-band on November 21. 2007, almost 11 months ago. My goal is to lose 100 pounds by my one year anniversary. I have 5 weeks and my average weight loss is about 2 pounds a week, I think this is an achievable goal.

So the big question is - can the lap-band help you? My goal is to help you determine the answer to this question through my posts. Please feel free to comment or ask questions at any time. I will be glad to help you in any way I can.


  1. 90 pounds is alot in a year! My next door neighbor had one done around the same time and while she has lost weight, she doesn't seem to be sticking with the program.

    It was nice of you stop and offer encouragement. I'd like to see you keep up withy our own posts too! Bloggers are a very supportive bunch.

  2. Hi Metalmom, thanks for the encouragement. I definitely have to work on putting up the posts more regularly. I am just so excited about what this has done for me, that I want to spread the work as much as possible. In fact, I would love to do actual speaking engagments to share my experiences and give people looking into this a chance to hear from a real person about it rather than just the sales pitch from the surgery centers. So this is something I am looking into as well. Any suggestions?