Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Whole Family Got the Lap-Band Together

I got lap-band surgery on Nov 21, 2007 along with my two kids. We all had surgery the same day, one right after another. My kids were 24 and 18 at the time. We all were obese and struggling daily with diets, weight loss, etc. So how did we get to the point of looking into surgery? Here is our story:

In August 2006, I weighed in at 332, my son was 357 and my daughter who is 5'2" weighed about 220. My son and I started going to our family Internist on a monthly basis. He put us both on Phentermine, which you can only take for 5 months. It worked - we both lost about 40-50 pounds. But when we stopped taking the medicine, we stopped losing weight. Now keep in mind that we were working out 4-5 times a week, and starting in January '07, we even got a personal trainer that came to our house and worked with all three of us three times a week. But we could NOT take off any more weight. We were eating right (most of the time), and tried Medifast and Nutrisystem. By the way, we HATED Medifast, but we loved Nutrisystem. I even still buy some of their food - it is excellent, and now that I eat so little, the serving sizes are actually now too big! Anyway, we moved up and down 10 pounds from January 07 - Nov 07. So in Sept or Oct we looked into the surgery options. We found out that our insurance would not cover any part of the surgery. But one of the places we had looked at took a credit called Care Credit. The surgery was $19K each, so we ended up having to get three Care Credit accounts. At that time, the big question became, "How could we afford more monthly payments?" So we took out our bank accounts for the last 12 months and looked at our food costs, including eating out. It turns out that we spent $1400+ each and every month on food! So even though our Care Credit total monthly cost would be about $1100 a month, we felt that most of it would be mitigated by our eating so much less. Just so you know, this turned out to be completely true. We now only spend about $400 a month on food costs, total including eating out!

to be continued.......

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