Monday, September 1, 2008


Hi, My name is Vanessa Siegal and I have had the Lap-Band since the end of November 2007. I am going to chronicle both my thoughts and feelings about the surgery, the pre-surgery and my day-to-day experiences with the band and food. I can tell you right away that I am very happy with my decision to get the lap-band. I have lost about 75 pounds in 9 months. I feel better than I have in YEARS! But I also want to tell you all about why I chose it, why I felt it was necessary, and what problems and issues I have had over the months. I do wish that I had had that type of information before I made the decision. One thing is for sure, none of the weight loss centers tell you all that *I* think you should know before youi make this all-important decision in your life.

You can feel free to get in touch with me at ANY time if you have further questions about your own situation. I state here and now that I am not an expert or a professional. I am only a user, and so what I tell you is only my own opinion. If you feel that could help you, then by all means give me write me! You can reach me at

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